Google Analytics

  • We believe in measuring and optimising campaigns with actionable data. We’ll help you make sense of your results and improve.

For more advanced analysis and insight into web traffic, we would recommend installing Google Analytics, which is a free package offered by Google to track the activity of visitors to a website.
We can offer installation and training on Google Analytics, so you can quickly see the most important metrics for your business and set up customised reports to improve the experience of the people who come to your website and therefore increase sales and conversion rates.
We can guide you through analysing the different channels that drive traffic to your site and help you monitor key metrics via simple dashboards. We can help you set up custom goals to measure where potential customers drop away from your site and use testing to improve the user experience.
If you are running paid campaigns, investing in SEO or promoting content in publications, then Google Analytics can be a good way to monitor the impact of your advertising and editorial efforts.
Our approach is always to explore all of the available data but to focus on finding actionable data points that will drive positive change for your business.