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    We’ll help you make and promote great discoverable content that people want to read and share

Search engine optimisation or SEO is the art of optimising the structure and content of your Website to make it as visible as possible on Google and other search engines. This will ensure a good flow of traffic for the appropriate keyword searches. The other side of having a good profile on Google is the quality and relevance of your content and how that content is linked or published on other sites on the Internet.
We can advise on SEO and build a strategy for your company to improve its keyword rankings on Google. We can also help you write good quality content, that people want to read and share on social media. Alternatively, we can write content for you and seek out places to publicise the results on the Internet. We are able to audit your current keyword standings on Google and then track the improvement in positions as we implement the SEO strategy.
We have experience in writing professional Web content and in blogging and journalism for national newspapers, so we are well-placed to make sure you have effective, interesting copy on your Website and in your communications to attract and delight your customers. We can work with you to create a content hub that keeps your Website fresh and attractive to your customers.
We can build an entire content marketing strategy for your business, optimise SEO visibility and make sure you are being found on the Web for the areas of interest that are most important and relevant to your customers. We are also experienced in working with video, so can make sure your video content is properly tagged and titled to make it discoverable.
We regularly write blog posts, features, case studies, Web pages and white papers for our clients and quickly adapt to your style and industry. We can adopt the correct tone of voice to properly reflect your brand and industry.